NESCAC Sportsmanship Statement

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New England serves as the proud home to eight NCAA Division III athletic conferences comprised of more than 80 colleges and universities. Our eight conferences provide intercollegiate athletic experiences which support the academic missions of each of our member institutions for thousands of student-athletes.

As Division III conference commissioners, we strive to ensure that our conferences are providing positive athletic opportunities as an integral aspect of the educational experience of student-athletes. We place the utmost importance on sportsmanship, personal conduct, and safe and collegial environments in which our student-athletes compete.

Good sportsmanship and a positive participatory experience are not just words and catchphrases, but values to which student-athletes, coaches, athletics administrators, game officials and spectators must be fully committed in order to provide a positive climate for athletics competition. We must all work together and be fully committed to fostering the principles of good sportsmanship and positive game environments for which we all strive.

The member institutions from each of the conferences listed here are choosing to make a commitment to enhance the experience of all participants by joining the New England Division III Sportsmanship Initiative. The philosophy behind this initiative is based upon the simple commitment to fair and respectful conduct toward all participants and supporters. Each conference will put its own stamp on this program with a shared commitment to:

  • Athletics Administrators and Contest Managers ensuring that all coaches and student-athletes are aware of the importance of good sportsmanship and holding them accountable for their conduct.
  • Coaches educating assistant coaches and student-athletes about the importance of ethical behavior and being a positive role model.
  • Student-Athletes serving as exceptional representatives of their team and their institutions and making a commitment to always acting in a proper manner.
  • Conference Office Personnel reinforcing the importance of ethical behavior and good sportsmanship with institutional personnel, student-athletes and game officials.
  • Game Officials firmly addressing issues of unsporting behavior and negative actions and exhibiting the highest level of professionalism.
  • Spectators cheering for their team's student-athletes, and refraining from cheering against opponents.

As conference commissioners, we hope that you will join us in our combined effort to promote good sportsmanship and positive game environments.

Thank you for your support.

Gregg M. Kaye, Commissioner
The Commonwealth Coast Conference

Joe Walsh, Commissioner
Great Northeast Athletics Conference

Pamela S. Samuelson, PhD, Commissioner
Little East Conference

Angela Baumann, Commissioner
Massachusetts  State Collegiate Athletic Conference

Jacob VanRyn, Commissioner
New England Collegiate Conference

Andrea Savage, Executive Director
New England Small College Athletic Conference

Patrick Summers, Executive Director
New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference    

Marcella Zalot, Commissioner
North Atlantic Conference







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